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Control a Person by Wire for Santec Swing

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Our innovative systems for moving a camera allow directors to realize fundamentally new visualisations adding unique optical dimensions to featurefilms, documentaries and commercials.

Working relentlessly to meet the indiviual demands of our customers we are proud to supply outstanding technologies as well as superior service.

Moving a camera in space

Enabling the creation of new, exceptional pictures from perspectives never known before - Our goal.

Providing the means for capturing the moment using ground breaking technologies - Our quest


is one of the leading enterprises developing and producing wire-guided camera systems in the European market.

Based on long-term and comprehensive experience in the use of a variety of “Wirecams” for national and international productions, we decided in 2009 to develop within the framework of our company the LARA 3D system as a modular wire-guided camera system suitable for all kinds of stabilising systems and cameras. »